About Us

Dear Customer,

Welcome to Boston Architectural Hinge Company. BAHCO is a national manufacturer and

distributor of architectural grade hinges located in the greater Boston area. At BAHCO we have a

very motivated team of people who are driven by the customer’s needs and committed to

providing a level of service that will always exceed your expectations.

This starts with taking extra steps to maintain a superior level of quality for our products. We

make sure a first-rate product arrives at our warehouse by inspecting the products at several

different check points. First, our products are checked at the manufacturing facilities overseas.

Second, we check the quality at the finishing plant before releasing the products. Finally, we

randomly inspect products in our warehouse at the time of packing and shipping. This process

guarantees that we are sending out a top quality product to our customers every time. Also, we

are going to great lengths to be sure that the products you regularly require are always in stock

and available to you whenever you need them. In most cases, this means that we can ship your

order the same day.

Our product is a great alternative to high priced, domestic manufacturers because of our top

quality products, packaging, and presentation. Our company is inspired and always works to

raise the level of continuity between customers and the manufacturer in order to increase your

efficiency while lowering your costs.

We hope that BAHCO can open new doors for your company in the future.


Wayne Ryan