8900 Series

The 8900 Series heavy-duty, 10 million cycle closers represent the latest in door control technology, combining over a quarter century of proven performance with its hydraulic control system and modern architecturally styled aesthetics. Featuring full range spring power adjustment and backcheck,along with a narrow projection full cover and flatform style arm, the 8900 Series results in the perfect combination of durability,reliability, and appearance.

Doors and their adjacent structures are expensive and should be protected by controlled door opening. The 8900 Series hydraulic backcheck feature does exactly that, with its valve adjustment for backcheck intensity. In addition to the backcheck feature, a backcheck positioning adjustment for parallel arm applications provides a consistent backcheck range similar to regular and top jamb applications.

Combined, these superior features exceed most demands placed on a door closer, plus it’s all backed by DORMA’s 25-year warranty. The 8900 Series, with the fully adjustable spring, also meets barrier-free accessibility requirements.